Michelangelo Guesthouse

The well-appointed and cosy rooms are an excellent choice, they are located in front of the fascinating Michelangelo hill, you will be immersed in green despite being in the historic centre of Florence.

The rooms smell clean, they are spacious, fresh and modern, the staff gives helpful and friendly advice. You do not need a car to visit Florence. The historic Ponte Vecchio is only a ten-minute walk away. Near the Michelangelo free parking is available.

The Michelangelo is accommodation that privileges privacy and sophistication: the perfect escape from the crowds of tourists. Upon arrival the staff suggests excellent authentic restaurants and fun activities to discover the best of Florence and the historical shops which have been around for more than 100 years in the heart of the city: shops, cafes, pharmacies, historical bookshops, craft shops that create a unique atmosphere, the so-called “Florentine” atmosphere which can be found along the streets of the city.

The Michelangelo offers excellent value for money and is clean and welcoming.

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